This site will use cookies for managing the user session. You will not be able to login unless you accept the cookie policy. Aim — Serious companies in emerging markets are often on the lookout for reliable business partners abroad. The Development Cooperation Matchmaking facility puts those companies in touch with Dutch businesses. The goal is to stimulate joint investment in the emerging market. Specific organisations targeted — Small and medium sized companies in emerging markets. Application procedure — Small and medium sized companies with a solid business plan that are looking for a Dutch business partner should contact the Dutch Embassy in their country.

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TripleFunds offers in-depth donor profiles and carefully selected funding opportunities for NGOs and social enterprises in need of capital. We cover grants and innovative funding sources from a broad range of donors, including foundations, governments, impact investors and more. Matchmaking Facility MMF is a matchmaking programme and with this facility the Ministry of Foreign Affairs aims to establish structural, long-term business relationships between entrepreneurs from developing countries and Dutch entrepreneurs.

These business relationships could result in export or import business opportunities, joint venture, public private partnership or other types of business relationships.

Donor Committee for Enterprise Development. DCMF. Netherlands MFA Development Cooperation Matchmaking Facility. DFI. Development Finance Institution.

Download Our Brochure. If you are a company based in Georgia or Armenia and are looking for partners in the Netherlands for financing, equipment or other purposes, Matchmaking Facility Program MMF is just for you. The Matchmaking Program is organized and financed by the Dutch government through the local Embassy of the Netherlands.

The program aims to connect Georgian companies with suitable Dutch partners and facilitate potential cooperation between them. In the scope of MMF program, we recently conducted a quick scan of an Armenian company and the local market. As a result, the Dutch potential partners received a good understanding of the applicant Armenian company and the Armenian market as a potential place to invest.

Based on this understanding, the Dutch companies will make more informed and better decisions on whether or not to partner with the applicant company and invest in Armenia. Deprecated function : The each function is deprecated. Eligible Companies Registered in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan Privately owned Good business track record Operating for at least two years At least ten employees Financially healthy Commercially interesting partner for a Dutch company.

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International Matchmaking and Business Partnering

This conference is expected to lead to major progress in climate change adaptation, and fosters an exchange of innovative and practical ideas, experiences and insights among governments, businesses, researchers and civil society from around the world. The conference will examine and discuss the latest adaptation research, as well as have an Adaptation Practice Expo and Business Fair, which will include stands, matchmaking facilities and signing ceremonies, and showcase cutting edge adaptation projects.

The conference programme will address all sectors and geographic regions, with a special focus on urban and coastal areas. The programme will include plenary and parallel sessions, roundtables, excursions, exhibitions and side events. The European Commission and the Government of the Netherlands will co-host the fourth edition of this conference.

The SDG Update compiles the news, commentary and upcoming events that are published on the SDG Knowledge Hub each day, delivering information on the implementation of the Agenda for Sustainable Development to your inbox.

In the Netherlands contributed % of its GNP to poverty reduction, making it one of the few countries that meet the Matchmaking Facility (MMF).

In recent decades, industrialized countries have developed a number of direct instruments to help their national companies become active in the developing world. In matchmaking and similar business-partnering programmes, the sponsoring organization generally provides technical or financial assistance to private-sector partners in order to foster cooperation and help the companies to develop a profitable relationship.

Most of the matchmaking and partnering programmes are aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises SMEs in the industrialized and developing countries. Experience in rich as well as poor countries shows that the potential of SMEs to have a substantial impact on the development process is much greater than that of micro-enterprises. All of these programmes are relatively new. PPP was set up in , though it has expanded rapidly, matching more than projects to date.

Norwegian companies which are looking for a partner in a developing country submit a profile to the coordinating centre in Norway, which reviews it and sends it to a corresponding centre in the host country. If the parties agree to develop their relationship further, they can apply to NORAD for various types of industrial and commercial support.

Developing country companies can also initiate the process. In Sri Lanka, for example, the programme has received profiles from Norwegian companies since Of these, matches were found, 78 of the companies made visits to Sri Lanka and 22 have carried out preliminary studies. In all, 16 companies have signed cooperative agreements and 12 joint ventures have been formed. The collaboration encompasses diverse branches including boatbuilding, furniture and mattress production, fishing, data processing and environmental inspections.

Trade and the economy: the Netherlands and Jordan

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Support for development projects in subject areas that include food security, water resources, climate change, and renewable energy. Key thematic areas of Dutch development assistance include water resources, climate change, and food and agriculture. Partners and Partnerships. Dutch development assistance is directed through programs with the private sector; civil society organizations; research institutions; and educational institutions.

About Dutch development partners. The government of the Netherlands has the following bilateral partner countries for its programs of development cooperation aid relationships and transitional relationships. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not identify a funding program for civil society organizations in developing countries. However, grant seekers should inquire for information with the relevant Dutch diplomatic missions , especially in partner countries.

Nuffic provides an orientation to academic and technical education in Holland, including information about scholarships and fellowships. The Development Cooperation Matchmaking Facility enables small and medium-sized companies in over 40 developing countries to make contact with businesses in the Netherlands. Partos is the Dutch national platform of civil society organizations engaged in international development. March View Grant Makers.

Group 5: Cross-Cutting Funders.

Development Cooperation Matchmaking Facility

The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, in cooperation with the European Union, offers a varied selection of grants largely unknown to African and European investors. Afric offers transparent advice on all of these resources and has a thorough knowledge of all the eligibility requirements. Here is a quick and simple overview of the various elements in this otherwise complex web of information relating to funding. Government organizations, public institutions, industry, NGOs, and knowledge institutions may collectively enter into a cooperative partnership with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and become eligible for subsidies.

The Dutch governmental organisation NL Agency has developed the Match Making Facility (MMF) program to assist such companies to find counterparts in The.

Are you looking for partners to work with? With a staff of approximately and an annual turnover of million Euros. TNO is involved in many international projects, including EU-funded collaborations. Holst Centre has major activities in the areas of flexible OLEDs, photovoltaics, transistor technology, sensor arrays and hybrid, thin-film stretchable and formable electronics. A key feature of Holst Centre is its partnership model with industry and academia around shared roadmaps and programs. It is this kind of cross-fertilization that enables Holst Centre to tune its scientific strategy to industrial needs.

Holst Centre is located on the High Tech Campus Eindhoven, and benefits from state-of-the-art on-site facilities. Holst Centre has around full time researchers and more than 45 industrial partners. Brightlands Materials Center is a rapidly growing Research and Development center with the ambition to develop innovative materials solutions that contribute to a sustainable future.

We develop innovative solutions meeting societal challenges and industrial needs in a limited number of shared research programs: Lightweight Automotive, Additive Manufacturing and Sustainable Buildings. In this project our goal is process technology development of overmoulding electronic circuits.

Private Sector Cooperation

Lauded for its stability, Jordan is often recognised as the eye of the storm in a troubled and tumultuous neighbourhood. Whilst the Kingdom has remained its calm in the face of the surrounding crises, it cannot expect to remain economically unscathed as it sits out the raging storm. Indeed, with the traditionally important markets of neighbouring Syria and Iraq becoming largely inaccessible, with over

Finance. Whether you are connected to a Dutch or African company working on a MMF –Matchmaking Facility ORIO – Facility for Infrastructure Development.

Our WTC concept accommodates three independent pillars under one roof: – WTC Leeuwarden, the link to the global WTC network; – Expo, our exhibition complex with a surface of 45, m2, meeting and conference rooms, office leasing, various bars and two restaurants; – the 4-star Westcord Hotel. Our goals are networking, collaboration, knowledge enhancement and internationalization. We establish links, offer opportunities and make things easier for entrepreneurs by means of individual support at regional, national and international levels through our programs: – the WTC Business Club, an excellent platform for business encounters, informative meetings and company visits; – international promotion of emerging and leading sectors from our region; – the WTC Business Academy; – supporting individual companies; – and our Matchmaking Tool.

You receive a wealth of information about every aspect of internationalisation. The courses are presented by leading experts from universities, academies and the business world. Your knowledge of global enterprise will be enhanced by the network of the worldwide WTC organisation. This is just an impression of some of our events. If you want to see all our events, take a look at the website of WTC Leeuwarden: www.

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