To Buy To Sell Due to the fact that dateless number plates can be assigned to any vehicle, it is easy to argue that they are the most ideal number plate when it comes to adding the finishing touch onto your vehicle. Whether you looking to hide the age of your vehicle or find a stylish initial plate, a dateless number plate can be transferred from car to car and is certainly an accessory for life. Dateless number plates are the oldest and rarest registrations available. Originating in , the first ever number plate to be issued was in fact A 1, issued in London at the time. Dateless registration numbers range from one letter and one number to three letters and four numbers leaving plenty of room for creativity when it comes to finding your ideal plate. The reason they are called dateless number plates is because a vast majority of the records from the early ‘s are missing or incomplete.

Future DVLA Number Plate Releases

The Vehicle Registration Mark or VRM often called a number plate or registration plate helps indicate when a vehicle was first registered. The system changed in September – you can use the tables below to check a vehicle’s registration date. Remember, however, that a vehicle’s plate can be changed to a cherished plate or personal plate by the owner.

The standard format is: two letters — the DVLA memory tag identifier – this tells you where the vehicle registration number was first issued, then two numbers – this is the age identifier, then three further letters – these are randomly assigned. Prefix style registrations ran from to and the first letter indicates when the vehicle was registered. To avoid confusion, I, O, Q, U and Z weren’t used as they looked too similar to other letters or numbers.

Required UK number plate format. The required format for car registration plates in the UK depends on your car’s registration date. The varieties.

You can easily work out how old a vehicle is once you understand the way the ‘age identifier’ changes over time. Here’s our guide. New registrations changed from annual to twice yearly in Shortly after, in September , the current format number plate was introduced, made up of three parts:. New rules about typefaces and ‘GB’ plates came into force with the introduction of the new plates.

You can still choose to display the blue European Flag with “GB” within the circle of stars on your number plates. This allows you to travel within Europe without the need to display the conventional oval sticker to identify the member state in which the vehicle is registered. If your number plates display a national flag and identifier then you will still have to display the conventional oval ‘GB’ sticker when travelling in Europe.

For more information on the rules visit the official DVLA website.

Machine Dating – age verification for Ducatis

The history of number plates reaches to the beginning of the 20th century. The very first number plates were issued in They were consisting of a one or two letter code and sequence number from 1 to Out of curiosity you may want to know that the code indicated the local authority in the particular area of the registered vehicle e. A indicated London, B was a code for Lancashire, and so on.

These number plates ran until

However, you cannot have a newer number plate code than the one allocated for that car’s date of registration. So you couldn’t have a ’20’ plate .

TIP: Try searching for names, jobs, hobbies, initials etc. Simply enter how many digits, letters or numbers, that you would like on your private registration to see a list that meets your needs. This method of searching is great for potential Investors looking for a cherished dateless plate at low-cost. Prefix number plates are one of the most recognisable and impacting styles of vehicle registrations. Introduced in ’83, prefix number plates start with a letter representing the year of the registration.

If you’d like a suffix registration, simply use our suffix plate builder for instant results that come with an unbeatable price tag.

Number Plate Dates

Local authorities could use the easily identifiable plates to help offer discounted parking, entry to low emission zones and other schemes. Plans for the new-look plates were revealed back in October last year. The initiatives may help the Government reach its aim of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by , but could be met with hostility from drivers of traditional combustion engine vehicles.

We’d much prefer the Government looked at things like bringing in the right financial incentives.

You can easily work out how old a vehicle is from its number plate. issued to kit cars and some imports where the date of first registration can’t be established.

On cars and vehicles registered after the suffix number plate style came into play in , the number plate used to always have a year identifier. There may be restrictions on what registration plate you can have on your vehicle, depending on the age of it. Before choosing a registration plate please read the below information to ensure you will be able to display the plate on your vehicle. Vehicles cannot use a registration plate that suggests that it is newer than it actually is.

Where the personalised registration number has an age identifier i. For example, if you purchase a 60 current style registration, it can only go onto a vehicle that was first registered as new on or after 1st September Prior to February these were the type of number plates issued to new vehicles in mainland Great Britain. They do not contain an age identifier and can consist of up to four numbers followed by up to three letters, or vice versa.

The maximum number of characters is six.

The new 70 number plate

Go ahead and Sign in. The values of top quality cherished registrations are growing, worldwide. Despite uncertain times, people are confident that wisely selected private plates will hold or increase their value.

If you aren’t familiar with the format of UK number plates, you may not know by the two digits which correspond to the year and release date.

Go ahead and Sign in. When it became obvious that the motor car was here to stay, and that its popularity was rapidly growing, the British government took various steps to introduce regulation and control. It also recognised the need to be able to identify and trace vehicles in the event of accidents, their being used in the execution of crime or their being stolen. One effect of the Motor Car Act which actually took effect at the beginning of was to require all vehicles on British roads to be registered and to display registration plates, which would enable them to be easily identified.

So, although the first car registrations were actually issued in , the legal requirement for vehicles to display them didn’t take effect until Several numbering systems have been implemented since , the first of which operated until Things got off to a fairly uncertain start in , with various inconsistencies and changes to the original car registrations numbering system appearing in some regions.

However, it is generally true to say that the very early number plates consisted of a letter code denoting the issuing authority, and a sequential identification number. Unlike more recent versions, this first generation of number plates had no year identifier. This original car registrations series included the combinations A1-YY The letter component either single character or a pair identified the local authority in whose area the vehicle was registered A, for example, indicated a vehicle registered in London.

The number component simply incremented and provided the unique identification for the bearer vehicle within the area shown by its letter code. In England and Wales the area letter codes were assigned alphabetically according to the size of the population in each authority’s area, hence crowded London’s allocation of the ‘A’ designation. In Scotland and Ireland the system worked a little differently.

The ’69 plate’ – why do UK number plates change every six months?

Since , it has been a legal requirement for vehicles to display a number plate. Since then, the number plate has gone through several developments including the change from black and silver number plates to yellow rear and white front reflective plates. Black and silver number plates on a classic vehicle can give it an extra finishing touch of authenticity that many owners desire. But did you know that not every classic vehicle is able to display black and silver number plates?

Britain is one of the few countries to issue age-related registration numbers to its cars – a tradition dating back to Vehicle age was once.

Despite cars being expensive and initially only available to the wealthy, by motorised vehicles of all sizes had become so popular, an easy way for vehicle identification had to be introduced in the United Kingdom. The system were simply running out of letter and number combinations thanks to thousands of car registrations and so a new system had to be introduced. The very first registration mark issued under the brand new UK number plate system proudly presented “A1” for a plate issued in London and from then onwards registration marks were issued in sequential numbers with a reference to the area where the vehicle was registered and which country the registration related to, as each local registration office had a unique letter sequence that would be issued to new vehicle registrations.

Until dateless number plates were issued, after that suffix style number plates became the norm. Number plates that are described as “dateless” show no reference to the very first registration date of a vehicle and are therefore not providing an indication to the age of the vehicle. It is not against the law to transfer or re-assign a dateless number plate to vehicles of any age – just as Northern Ireland’s number plate system doesn’t carry a date reference in the number plate.

Incidentally, dateless number plates from Northern Ireland are easy to spot as they include either the letter Z or I in the mark. Dateless number plates have continued to be popular because they are easily available and lend a charming air of nostalgia to the motoring experience. Apart from their appeal on cost and style, dateless number plates are also popular because they effectively camouflage the real age of a vehicle. From the very first number plate “A1” eventually more letters and numbers were needed to reflect the number of vehicles on the road, so “A1” was followed sequentially by “ABC ” or “A ” or ” ABC” for example.

Introduced in , suffix number plates do show the age of a vehicle as the last letter of the plate acts as the “suffix” or “age identifier”. Their structure never varies and they look something like this: W X Y D or Letter, Letter, Letter , space followed by a maximum of 3 numbers, followed by a letter.

Personalised Number Plates

Sell Number Plates Number plate valuations. The earliest UK dateless number plates were issued using letters to stand for the region of issue, and sequential numbers as unique identifiers. The lack of a letter or number combination to indicate the year of issue means that these plates are often referred to as dateless number plates. As these plates were issued and managed locally by County Council offices, number and letter sequences ran out at different rates in different parts of the country.

Due to differing local demand, there are a wide variety of types of dateless plates with a lot of overlap between the issue periods for different formats. He reputedly queued outside the London County Council offices all night to acquire this number!

PERSONALISED number plates are a huge business in the UK with drivers spending millions The most expensive number plate ever sold was ’25 O’ in November for a whopping £, Date of sale: Nov

Car ownership advice. Many people find the British number plate system bewildering. The Car Expert explains how it all works and what all the letters and numbers actually mean. The current number plate system in Great Britain has been around since September There are no plans for this system to change in the aftermath of Brexit. Current British number plates are arranged in the format of two letters, followed by two numbers, followed by a space and then three letters eg — XX20 XXX as shown below.

number plate format

All private number plate certificates have an expiry date printed on them. If your number plate certificate has already expired, the current DVLA rules do not allow you to renew it. It’s not likely this will change in the future. However, our advice would be to keep hold of the original Certificate, just in case.

New 21 reg plates will become available November be first registered in the UK from 1st March (and suitable to display a 21 reg on), have no concerns. To date, we have enjoyed unparalleled results and we expect to achieve.

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